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Export Champions Mentoring programme

Export Champions mentoring programme

Want to help unlock Scotland's export potential? We're always looking for mentors and organisations to join and grow our Export Champions programme. Discover the rewards of business mentoring through our matching service.

Unlocking Scotland's export potential 

The Export Champions programme is a business mentoring scheme that mobilises the vast experience of Scotland’s exporters to support businesses who are either starting their international journey or have a specific exporting challenge.  

The programme is delivered by Scottish Development International as part of a £20 million investment by the Scottish Government to unlock Scotland’s exporting potential. 

Connecting companies

We know that companies who trade internationally tend to be more innovative, more productive and more competitive, all of which is great for our economy. We also know that implementing an international strategy can be risky and a bit daunting.

In these situations, the best advice comes from those who have experience of doing business internationally. That's why Export Champions has been established, to connect businesses looking for support with those best placed to provide it.


Looking for support?

If you're looking for advice or support, our team will introduce you to individuals or organisations in similar sectors or target markets, with the intention of forming a long-term mentoring relationship. We'll connect you based on your company background, your aspirations for growth, your target markets and the nature of your exporting operation so far.

As a business looking for support, you can expect:

  • A confidential environment to share challenges 
  • Quality interactions with someone experienced in exporting and international business 
  • A non-commercial arrangement to support your business 

Find a mentor


We also know that each company's requirements are different. If you're not looking for long-term mentoring support, other resources are available:

  • GlobalScot: our international community of business leaders can provide support on particular issues and help you connect with businesses and markets around the world.
  • Preparing to Export programme: if you're new to exporting or considering expanding internationally, our training and preparatory resources can help you plan your next move.


Offering support?

If you'd like to become a mentor to Scottish businesses, please contact us and we'll match you with prospective businesses based on your company background and the sort of support you can offer.

As a mentor, you can expect to:

  • Support an ambitious Scottish company
  • Give back to the business community and support Scotland’s economic growth
  • Take a flexible approach to mentoring that is aligned with what you can offer

Become a mentor

How does it work?

Step 1 – finding the right match

We’ll find a match from our existing participants. If we can’t find the right match, we’ll use our networks to recruit someone. 

Step 2 – initial introduction

We’ll facilitate the initial introduction. If you’re happy with your match, we’ll take a step back and let you manage your relationship. 

Step 3 – your mentorship

You can organise confidential meetings in a format and timescale that suits you. We’ll be available for support if you need it. 

Step 4 – review

After a year the programme finishes you can review the experience. After that, you’re welcome to keep working together if you choose. 

Register your interest

Find an export mentor

If you have a Scottish business with international ambition and would benefit from the long-term support of an experienced mentor, then complete the online form to officially register your interest. 

Become a mentor

If you have a depth of international trade experience and would like to help others reach their exporting potential, then complete the online from to be added to the list of Export Champions