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Episode 3: Scotland's Just Transition - Professor Jim Skea

In our third episode, our Directory of Strategy, Linda Murray, talks to Professor Jim Skea -  former chair of the Just Transition Commission, Professor of sustainable energy at Imperial College London, and founding member of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change. In the episode, they discuss what a Just Transition is and Professor Skea shares his hopes for COP26 in Glasgow this November.


Episode 2: Working Towards a Net Zero Future - Smarter Grid Solutions & Delta EE

In our second episode, our Global Head of Energy, David Rennie, talks to Dr. Graham Ault of Smarter Grid Solutions and Jon Slowe of Delta EE. They share insight on what it's like working towards a net-zero future and some of the things your organisation can do to be part of the movement.


Episode 1: Sacha Dench - 'the human swan'

We're delighted to launch our new 'Think Climate' podcast with guest conservationist and UN ambassador Sacha Dench. Hear Sacha's story of her record-breaking attempt to fly around the UK in an electric paramotor to raise awareness of climate change.

Listen to recording: Wednesday 19 May 2021

Sacha is an UN ambassador and is famed for her adventures following a journey in 2016 where she followed the Bewick swan’s migration route from Russia to the UK. Sacha is now setting off from Glasgow on a six week trip to talk climate solutions with businesses and communities.

"I hope companies see the importance of their role in the global story and corporations are inspired by COP26 to really pick up the mantle and drive change forward as we have ten years to shift the economy to a more sustainable one."

Sacha Dench, Ambassador for United Nations

Sacha Dench - 'the human swan'

She is the first guest to appear in our 'Think Climate' podcast series ahead of COP26 which takes place in Glasgow in November. Each month, until the event, we'll feature a new episode with a guest speaker. The podcasts will cover a range of topics from green economic recovery, to conservation, biodiversity and electric vehicles to inspire and encourage your business to act now for a sustainable, greener and prosperous future.

The 3,000 mile, six-week, climate change awareness tour of Britain will see Sacha attempt to break two world records: to be the first to fly around Britain in an electric paramotor and second is to get a record number of people taking action on climate change via the Count Us In programme.

Transcript will be available soon.

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